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  • Fastest agent response time in any emergency situation
  • Fully-mobile, waterproof, single-unit w/GPS
  • Goes everywhere with you
  • No landline, no installation needed
  • Automatic fall detection service available

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John Walsh

Safety advocate and
Vice Chairman of GreatCall

Your health and safety have always been our number one priority.

That's why we designed the Lively Mobile with an easy-to-use emergency response button along with a suite of health and safety services. Whether you need urgent assistance, medical advice, or peace of mind, GreatCall makes it easy to stay safe, healthy, and connected 24/7.

"If you're anywhere and you need can hit that button and there's a voice that will come on that line and save your life."

- John Walsh

We make it easy for you to stay active,
mobile, and independent.

5Star Urgent Response

Highly-trained agents are here to help you anytime.

Urgent Care

24/7 access to registered nurses and board-certified doctors.

GreatCall Link

Easily stay connected with family and friends.


Stay on schedule with medication and refill reminders.